Combined Safety Needle and Syringes
for the COVID-19 Vaccination Programmes


Open the package and attach the safety needle firmly to the syringe.

If the needle is already attached to the syringe, make sure the connection is stable and secure.


Withdraw the protective cap.

Hold the syringe with one hand and remove the needle cap with the other hand.

Use the syringe for administration or withdrawal according to the prescribed schedule.

Due to the gauge and length, the needle is very flexible.
To minimise needle flex, a swift and purposeful administration action is required.


Activate the safety device immediately after injection.

Place your thumb or index finger on the safety sheath and push the sheath on the needle until there is auditory confirmation that it has been activated.

Visually check that the needle is covered.

Slow, firm activation of the safety sheath is required.
The thumb must be high on the safety sheath for the needle to click in fully.
Putting your thumb over the two holes in the sheath may help to achieve the correct positioning.

If necessary, the activation may also be carried out by pressing the safety sheath against a flat surface. The sheath must be pressed firmly near the top.


After use, dispose it in a dedicated container in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the institute.