Product Development…

Our in house product development team take projects through the entire development lifecycle, starting with initial concept designs and progressing through to rapid prototyping.

At Reliance Medical, innovation is a crucial part of who we are.

We strive to bring high quality products to market that deliver value to our customers. To achieve this we use cutting edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to help bring our ideas to life.

From here we analyse which features meet our customers’ needs so that we can ensure that the end product is the best that it can be. Our team includes a vast array of specialties ranging from quality and regulatory experts through to engineers and marketing specialists. This wealth of knowledge is invaluable during key design processes such as design reviews and FMEA analysis.

Once we are satisfied that a design has achieved the user needs set out in the product design specification, we work with industry experts to develop rapid prototypes that offer both a visual and functional analogue of the final product. This allows us to conduct usability testing and to determine any final anthropometric and ergonomic design changes, helping us to develop the optimum product for the end user.

Our product development team can work with you to create new products, we can guide you through the entire design process and work with you each step of the way to achieve the product you envision.