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We as a company have had a long and well-established history in supporting local charities. Over the last six months, the board discussed the initiative of focusing our efforts into one benefactor close to home, in order to make the most difference.  After much discussion it was decided to support a charity working with those in the community affected by homelessness.

The Board met with many charities over several weeks and one stood out in the local area: ‘The Lyme Trust’.

The Lyme Trust

Established in 1974 and celebrating its 45th anniversary, The Lyme Trust is a local charity based in Newcastle under Lyme which aims to provide accommodation and support for people with mental health needs to assist them to achieve independent living.  Many of the people who come to live at the Lyme Trust also have alcohol or drug dependency issues.  The Trust’s aim is to provide a stable, safe and comfortable environment which offers encouragement and provides residents with access to high levels of support and a good quality of life.   The Trust is part of the voluntary sector and has access to a wide network of specialist support.  Volunteers play a large part in the organisation and with their variety of experiences bring a rich cultural element to The Trust.

We invite you to watch the video below, as it was one of the contributing factors as to why the Board wanted to support this charity.  These real-life stories visually capture how the work and support offered by the Trust is making a true direct impact on people’s lives.

What We Are Doing

The Lyme TrustSet up in the November 2018, the Outreach Team was launched to try and make a difference to the lives of homeless people in and around Newcastle-under Lyme. The team are out with the aim to support individuals in crisis by providing rough sleepers with hot drinks and blankets as well as trying to accommodate them at the Lyme Trust or if not possible, provide support in finding suitable accommodation elsewhere. Already the project has been incredibly successful, exceeding initial expectations and in a short space of time has reduced rough sleeping in the town by 10%.

In support of this worthwhile initiative, Reliance Medical will be providing the Trust with a brand-new outreach vehicle. The Mercedes Benz Marco Polo van will provide a safe, clean, warm environment whereby the Trust/Outreach team can directly reach and engage with those on the streets to provide vital and much needed support.

We anticipate the vehicle to arrive in October 2019 and it will be put straight to work.

Providing the Trust with a brand-new vehicle has an important secondary impact, The Lyme Trust are now eligible to apply for a specific grant that will fund two full time support workers on a Monday – Friday basis as part of the Outreach programme. Expanding the team will no doubt make a huge difference.

Reliance Medical Lyme TrustReliance Medical Lyme TrustReliance Medical Lyme TrustReliance Medical Lyme TrustReliance Medical Lyme Trust


Whilst financial assistance will always have a significant impact to the trust, it is important to the Board to also offer our own skills and experience. As of December, one of our team will become a Trustee of the Lyme Trust and will provide experience as a Chartered Accountant to provide advice on financial planning and developing key strategies, along with being an ambassador promoting and helping pursue the Trust’s charitable objectives.

We would like the support of the Trust to be a company-wide effort that will generate real momentum, therefore we have  introduced the ‘Reliance Volunteering Programme’ in support of The Lyme Trust.

As a company we have valuable assets in our people and teams that can be shared and utilised within the Trust, such as help with marketing, rebranding, business strategies and maintenance.

The company would like to offer all employees 1-day paid leave to spend volunteering with the Trust.  This could be for example a volunteering session direct with the Trust or during an activity/event organised by them. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me directly. You will also need the approval of your line manager for your selected volunteering day.

We have Dress Down Fridays with all proceeds going directly to The Lyme Trust.

We hope this has given an overview of our current activities and on-going plans.  We welcome your feedback and thank you for your continuing engagement in supporting the charity.