Following our update in November highlighting port delays and unprecedented increases in worldwide freight charges, the team at Reliance Medical have been paying close attention to the cost of importing containers.  The normal cost to ship a container was around $1,600, recent quotations have exceeded $14,000.  Any distributors who themselves import goods will already be aware that costs have sadly still not fallen and currently show no signs of doing so.  For anyone who would like further information, there is a BBC article here: 

While Reliance Medical has committed to absorb some of these additional costs, it is unfortunately not possible to continue doing so long term.  The shipping industry hope that the backlogs leading to the increases can be reduced during Chinese New Year.  If this is not possible and the rates do not subside, we will have no option but to apply a temporary surcharge to every order for all distributors until costs return to their normal level.   

Reliance will continue to monitor the situation closely and we will update distributors after Chinese New Year.  Whilst it is not possible to predict the surcharge at this stage, your account manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to this issue.